The Olang technology

Designed to increase adherence to snow and ice, the italian made sole is equipped with an OC two positions rotating system. It’s steel studs mounted in a special flexible polyurethane sole will make your winter season more enjoyable.


All our winter boots are authenticated Olantex, a breathable membrane offering a good water resistance. Olang uses only raw materials of high quality in order to make a reliable and durable finished product.

Discover the Olang technology 

Comfort zone -30oC

The comfort zone relates to the duration of cold exposure, the type of socks used and the weather. Thermal socks ( ex : merino wool socks ) are recommended for all their properties.

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For several years now, not only does Olang continue to impress their customers but also many fashion columnists. Find out what they like about Olang.

Olang was at Entrée Principale on Radio-Canada

Olang on Cityline

Jean Airoldi with Olang

Olang was at Pour le Plaisir on Radio-Canada

Aerosol protectors?

Aerosol protectors can be used on most boots. However, it is recommended to test on a small inconspicuous area before applying the protective spray to the entire boot. It is also recommended to use a fluoropolymer based aerosol protector and not a silicone based aerosol protector.

Easy to clean boots 

A simple wet cloth is sufficient to maintain your boots. It is important to clean the boots properly and regularly to ensure their longevity.

Une semelle isothermale est disponible dans la boîte pour fournir ajustement en cas de besoin.

Our publicity campaigns will make you want to enjoy winter !

Since its creation in 1990, Olang has been amongst the most prestigious brands in Italy. With its first appearance in Canada, the ingenuity and quality of the Olang boots with grip have taken over the Canadian winter.  

Botte Olang présenté par Airoldi

Botte Olang présenté par Airoldi

Toutes nos bottes d’hiver sont authentifiées Olantex, une membrane transpirante qui est d’une bonne résistance à la pénétration de l’eau. Olang n’utilise que des matières premières de qualité supérieure afin de conférer à ses produits fiabilité et durabilité.

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