Among the most prestigious brands in Italy since 1990.
The ingenuity and quality of the Olang boots with foldable cleats took over the Canadian winter.

Comfort zone up to -30˚C

Lining enhanced with waterproof and breathable, insulating Olantex film

Multi-layer adjustment innersole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminum film

Italian sole with built-in swivelling and folding OC system with flow channels

Made in Europe by a specialized adult workforce

Stainless steel studs mounted on an exclusive framework of flexible durable polyurethane
Designed to increase grip on snow and ice

Mid-sole guaranteeing impact and compression resistance
Certified UNI EN 12568, as required by the security footwear regulations

All of our boots are equipped with a removable innersole.
The removable innersole will provide an orthopedic expert the ability to modify and improve the fit of your boots.
The removable innersole can be replaced by an orthotic or by an innersole sold in stores without significant modification to the boot.

Cemented construction : The upper part is cemented to the sole which preserves the boot’s shape and offers even more comfort.
The addition of the innersole facilitates the range of adjustment and more efficiently holds in warmth.

A simple damp cloth is sufficient for the maintenance of your boots. It is important to clean the boots properly and regularly to ensure their longevity. For any use of an aerosol protector it is recommended to read the instructions, ensure that the product is suitable for your boot’s material, and finally, test on a small inconspicuous area before applying the protective spray to the entire boot.


Before putting away your boots for the summer, make sure to clean your boots thoroughly to remove all residues of salt, dust or other contaminants that could damage the materials.

This product should be used in a responsible and adequate manner. It is important to ensure that the grip system is securely attached to the sole at all times.

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