Color: Cuoio

Tailles: 36
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Effortlessly transition from work meetings to dinner with friends while keeping your style impeccable. The Mada ankle boot, crafted from premium suede, features zippers on both sides for easy access, eliminating the hassle of laces. Lined with cozy shearling and virgin wool, these boots ensure your feet stay warm and comfortable on colder days. Embrace a relaxed yet stylish look which will accompany you from fall to winter with the Mada style.

Made in Europe, the Mada style is a must-have for unforgettable fall and winter adventures, offering a range of impressive features:

  • Comfort zone from 0°C to -30°C
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Shearling and virgin wool lining
  • Two robust side zippers 
  • Additional insole with silver insulating and reflective film
  • LIMA standard outsole

  • Hauteur de la botte : 6"
  • Circonférence : 9.5"
  • Hauteur de la semelle : 1.5"

Size guide

All OLANG boots are treated during manufacturing and require little maintenance.

  • A simple damp cloth is enough to maintain Olang boots. It is important to properly and regularly maintain the boots worn in the snow to ensure their longevity.
  • In order to properly dry the boots after wearing them in freezing rain or snow, we suggest letting them air dry away from any heat source. Do not dry with a hot source (i.e. hair dryer). We do not recommend using detergents or cleansers.
  • For any use of aerosol protective products, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully, make sure that the product is suitable for the type of material found on your boots and finally, to test on a small surface before applying a spray protector on the entire boot.
  • When the winter season is over, it is also recommended to clean the soles with a soft brush to remove any presence of dust particles and/or small stones which could have lodged between the grooves of the soles.


IMPORTANT: NEVER USE A PRODUCT CONTAINING SILICONE.This will destroy the protective layer on the material and may compromise the sealing and adhesion of the sole's glue.